New album by Krilja to be released soon!

The Gothenburg based world music trio Krilja releases its second album with Roma/Gypsy music from Russia and Eastern Europe. Tradition and innovation come together in passionate Roma songs about suffering and love!

On October 27 2023 the world music trio Krilja will release their second album entitled “Sosnitsa: Roma Music from Russia & Eastern Europe”. With this album, Krilja highlights an aspect of the musical treasure of the Roma people which is less known than the Balkan/South East European tradition which is represented by performers such as Taraf de Haïdouks and Goran Bregovic, and they do it in their own way. The group doesn’t try to imitate anyone – they define their own unique sound, but always with affection and respect for the tradition from which the music originates. The mood of the music varies between melancholy and ecstasy. The lyrics, which are mostly in Romanes but also in Russian and Romanian in a couple of cases, tell of sorrow and pain but also of joy, love and vitality.

Krilja was founded in the year 2010 by Marita Johansson. She is a tireless activist for Roma culture who since the early 90s has collected almost forgotten Roma songs and added them to her repertory. She sings many other kinds of folk music as well, including songs from various Jewish traditions including Sephardic songs and spiritual songs from the Hasidic tradition. The other members Jonas Liljeström and Emil Pernblad also have a long experience of playing Roma music as well as many other styles.

The album was recorded in Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg, Sweden in February of 2023 with Johannes Lundberg as recording technician. Johannes also did the mixing and mastering, and he features as guest musician on the album as well.

Physical copies of the album will be available for purchase from our own webshop (it will be made available in more outlets shortly). It will also be available for streaming from Spotify, Apple Music and others, and for paid downloads from Bandcamp.

Click this link to pre-order the album on Bandcamp today!




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