Eight music groups encompassing Folk and World Music, Swedish ballads, early music and rock/blues.
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Traditional Romani folk music from Russia and Eastern Europe with an element of flamenco and jazz. By turns passionate and melancholic.

Folk music out of the Jewish tradition, as well as early music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and Baroque periods – and a whole lot more!

Irish, Scottish and American folk music, featuring also original song compositions – music with a goodtime rockin’ swing.

Swedish balladry: from the pens of such popular songwriters as Barbro Hörberg, Evert Taube and Cornelis Vreeswijk, amongst others. The group was formerly known as "MEJ Trio".

Fiery passion and soulful melancholy from the Celtic folk music tradition.

Celtic folk music meets jazz, flamenco, Nordic tones, African rhythms and much more!

A duo version of the group Salamander (see above). Jewish folk music and Early music with an intimate, intense and meditative feeling.

A duo version of the group Krilja (see above). Passion and pain come together in captivating traditional Roma songs from Russia and Eastern Europe!

Combined Lectures and Concerts about Romani & Jewish History, Culture and Music

With live music performed by Krilja and Salamander!


2023 > 11

Krilja's latest album "Sosnitsa: Roma Music from Russia & Eastern Europe" has just charted on the prestigious Transglobal World Music Chart, entering in at #40! 

The album is available for streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and all the others. It is also available for paid download from Bandcamp (full cover art & booklet included as bonus material). Physical copies can be ordered from cdon.com and bengans.com, or from our own webshop.

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