Krilja: Sosnitsa - Roma Music from Russia & Eastern Europe

Krilja's second album features Roma/Gypsy folk music from Russia and Eastern Europe. Tradition and innovation come together in passionate Roma songs about suffering and love!

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: Malyarkitsa (track nr 1), Dans från Pest / Terdy Shatra (track nr 2), Dokhane (track nr 5), Sosnitsa / Tanz Tanz Yidelech (track nr 4), Beryuzovie Kalyechke (track nr 6), and Nashinke (track nr 15).

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Track info:
1. Malyarkitsa
2. Dans från Pest / Terdy Shatra
3. Chergenia
4. Sosnitsa / Tanza Tanz Yidelech
5. Dokhane
6. Beryzovie Kalyechke
7. Chajori Romani / Aj Da Na Zadena
8. Hasiyam
9. Sare Patrina
10. Sostar Mange Kadala Love
11. Metelitsa
12. Gelem Gelem
13. Trec Țiganii
14. Solnyshko
15. Nashinke
16. Tsiganskije Chastushki