Eight music groups encompassing Folk and World Music, Swedish ballads, early music and rock/blues.
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Traditional Romani folk music from Russia and Eastern Europe with an element of flamenco and jazz. By turns passionate and melancholic.

Folk music out of the Jewish tradition, as well as early music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and Baroque periods – and a whole lot more!

Irish, Scottish and American folk music, featuring also original song compositions – music with a goodtime rockin’ swing.

Swedish balladry: from the pens of such popular songwriters as Barbro Hörberg, Evert Taube and Cornelis Vreeswijk, amongst others. The group was formerly known as "MEJ Trio".

Fiery passion and soulful melancholy from the Celtic folk music tradition.

Celtic folk music meets jazz, flamenco, Nordic tones, African rhythms and much more!

A duo version of the group Salamander (see above). Jewish folk music and Early music with an intimate, intense and meditative feeling.

A duo version of the group Krilja (see above). Passion and pain come together in captivating traditional Roma songs from Russia and Eastern Europe!

Combined Lectures and Concerts about Romani & Jewish History, Culture and Music

With live music performed by Krilja and Salamander!



"Roy on the Hill" (words and music by Billy Jones; filmed in the high hills of Scotland by Eve Atkinson and edited by Emil Pernblad). 
This song is the title track from Billy's most recent recording. Available as download from iTunes, Spotify and the other usual internet sites, also in physical CD form from www.slaintemusic.com
The 12 tracks - all originals by BJ - feature himself on guitar and vocals with Slàinte: Jonas Liljeström (fiddle), Tony Tuddenham (mandolin, drums), Simon Ericson (banjo), David Odlöw (lap steel, melodeon), Pelle Bolander (electric violin), Teddy Kaiser (guitar), Dan Johansson (bass), Emily Brown Solberg (harmony vocals).

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On October 6 2018 Celtic Connections celebrated their latest album release with a concert in Gothenburg Cathedral, Sweden. This was the group's first concert since it dissolved in 1995, and there will be more to come. Approximately 250 people had gathered to listen to the concert, and the atmosphere was magical!

The album can be ordered here, and below are a couple of videos from the concert (courtesy of Laurry Ramirez):

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On July 19 2018, Sláinte performed at Varla Church in Kungsbacka, Sweden. The atmosphere was excellent and the concert was greatly appreciated by audience and organziers alike. Here are a couple of film clips from the show!

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On June 19 2018 Sláinte performed at the Church of St Sigfrid in Lidköping, Sweden. It was a great concert, warmly appreciated by audience and church staff alike. Here are a couple of film clips from the gig!

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Today, 2 May 2018, Salamander release their new album Como La Rosa which contains beautiful and emotional Jewish folk music from the Sephardic tradition - innovative, and yet firmly rooted in the tradition. We are very much satisfied with the result!

You can order a physical copy of the album at Bengans, and it is also available for downloading and streaming at iTunesSpotify and others. Enjoy! :-)

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A couple of days ago, Salamander's second album "Como la rosa" was delivered from the record pressing plant! After three years' production, we're thrilled and proud to have the final product in our hands at last - and we're very pleased with the result!

The release party will take place at Kafé Hängmattan in Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, on May 2. It will be an evening full of beautiful and emotional Jewish music from the Sephardic tradition (and more). The entrance is free, and the concert starts at 7PM with admission from 6PM. Welcome!

You can pre-book a copy of the album right now - the cost is 130 kr including postage (approximately £12, €13 or $16).

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Salamander's accordionist, flute player, singer etc Kristofer Yffén has recently left the group due to time constraints.

We thank him for a fun and creative cooperation and welcome our new member - our good friend and colleague Emil Pernblad, who will be playing Irish bouzouki and guitar! Emil is known mostly as one of Sweden's foremost flamenco musicians, but he has also delved into Celtic and Arabic traditional music as well as Latin American music and jazz during his long and multifaceted career.

Our mutual history goes back a long way. Salamander's fiddle player Jonas Liljeström and Emil Pernblad have known each other since their teenage years and they played in the band Celtic Connections in the early 90s, and since 2010 both Emil, Jonas and Salamander's vocalist Marita Johansson are members of the group Krilja.

Welcome, Emil!

Photo courtesy of Laurry Ramirez

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Salamander's upcoming album Como La Rosa recently went to print and will soon be available! The release will be celebrated with a launch concert at Café Hängmattan in Musikens Hus in Gothenburg on May 2 - it will be an evening of beautiful and emotional Jewish music from the Sephardic tradition. Welcome!

The concert starts at 7 PM and admission starts at 6 PM. Free entrance!

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