Salamander is a trio based in Gothenburg, Sweden, which plays Jewish folk music - mostly from the Sephardic tradition - and also to some extent Early music from them Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras performed in a "folkified" style. Occasionally other types of folk music are thrown into the mix (Greek Rebetika music and Italian folk songs to name but a few examples), but the group's main focus is on Jewish folk music.

Salamander’s debut album received very favourable reviews when it was released in 2014, and a second album entitled Como La Rosa was released on May 2 of 2018. Como La Rosa was financed in full by a grant from the Katz Jewish Culture Foundation - the album has received enthusiastic reviews in both Swedish and international music magazines, and it has been played on radio stations in the USA, Latin America, Spain, Greece, the UK, Australia and Germany. 

A concert tour of Andalucia, scheduled to take place in 2020, is currently being planned; the tour is funded by a 20.000 SEK grant from the Katz Jewish Culture Foundation.

Perfectly suited to art and culture centres, cafés, churches and libraries, as well as festival stages.

Salamander's website can be found here.

Video clips from some of Salamander's concerts can be found here.

Salamander are:
Marita Johansson (vocals, guitar, tambourine)
Jonas Liljeström (fiddle, vocals percussion)
Emil Pernblad (Irish bouzouki, guitar)

Reviews for Salamander:

“A feeling of magical intensity…A timeless record to take pleasure in for a thousand and one nights.”
(Bengt Edqvist, Lira Music Magazine)

"...A clear tone of authenticity. If somebody had recorded these songs three hundred years ago, , or when they were created, they would probably have been sung exactly like this." (Bengt Edqvist, Lira Music Magazine)