Onwards and Upwards for Krilja and Keltiska Duon!

The groups Krilja and Keltiska Duon (both of whom are parts of Liljans Musik's roster) are releasing new albums right now - on January 7, Krilja released a remixed and remastered version of their original debut album, and Keltiska Duon will are due to release their debut album on January 13.

Both albums are getting lots of positive attention in music media. Enthusiastic reveiws are staring to come in (such as this one) and they are being featured on radio shows around the world. For example, both Krilja's and Keltiska Duon's album were recently featured on Mundofonías - one of the world's leading World Music shows which is broadcast on 50 radio stations in Europa and the Americas. We are very happy about these achievements!

Krilja's album can be heard on Spotify, Youtube Music and several other streaming outlets. Keltiska Duon's album will also be available there from the release date on. 

Do you prefer physical albums? If so, you can order Krilja's album here and Keltiska Duon's album can be ordered here.




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