Celtic Connections: Spindrift

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Celtic folk music with elements of jazz, flamenco, African rhythms, Nordic tones and more. Recorded in 1995, released in 2018.

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: Gaelic Waltz / Green Groves of Erin (track nr 1), Miner's Minor / Kid on the Mountain (track nr 2), Talking Me Talking Free (track nr 3), Belgian Jig / Kerry Polka (track nr 4), Out on the Ocean (track nr 6), and Galician Muiñeira (track nr 7).

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OBS Click on a highlighted title to hear a short sample!

Track info:
1. Gaelic Waltz / Green Groves of Erin
2. Miner's Minor / Kid on the Mountain
3. Talking Me Talking Free
4. Belgian Jig / Kerry Polka
5. The Musical Priest
6. Out on the Ocean
7. Galician Muiñeira
8. Bartok / Miss Agnes McDermott
9. Oh! If I Knew Her Name
10. Queen of the Fairies

Excerpt from review:
" /.../ With a large dose of danceable spark, the life forces are brought forth. [The music] feels important to take part of /.../" Andreas Lagercratnz, Lira Musikmagasin