Celtic Connections: Spindrift

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Celtic folk music with elements of jazz, flamenco, African rhythms, Nordic tones and more. Recorded in 1995, released in 2018.

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Track info:
1. Gaelic Waltz / Green Groves of Erin
2. Miner's Minor / Kid on the Mountain
3. Talking Me Talking Free
4. Belgian Jig / Kerry Polka
5. The Musical Priest
6. Out on the Ocean
7. Galician Muiñeira
8. Bartok / Miss Agnes McDermott
9. Oh! If I Knew Her Name
10. Queen of the Fairies

Excerpt from review:
" /.../ With a large dose of danceable spark, the life forces are brought force. [The music] feels important to take part of /.../" Andreas Lagercratnz, Lira Musikmagasin