Emil Pernblad & Friends: Calma

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Original music by Emil Pernblad (guitarist in Krilja, Salamander, the Celtic Duo, Sonika and Celtic Connections). Released in 2018.

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: Close Your Eyes (track nr 1), Silencio (track nr 2), Besos Soñados (track nr 3), Quijote Gitano (track nr 5), Fénix (track nr 6), and Calma (track nr 9).

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OBS Click on a highlighted title to hear a short sample!

Track info:
1. Close Your Eyes
2. Silencio
3. Besos Soñados
4. Sevilla Siglo XVIII
5. Quijote Gitano
6. Fénix
7. No Me Des Rosas
8. La Loba
9. Calma

Guest musicians: Karolina Vucidolac, Marianne Holmboe, Thierry Boisdon, Ellen Pontara, Marita Johansson, Rebecka Gabriel, Johan Asplund, Petter Rosenlundh, Jonas Liljeström, Victor Furbacken, Niklas Robertsson

Utdrag ur recension:
"/.../ a very personal album. You get to know the depth of the musician and the person Emil Pernblad, which is very unusual in today's music world. It is like an open-hearted and at the same time dreamy presentation from the depths of the soul, and the music corresponds to this. Emil's expressive guitar leads the listener around in the various waterways, you just have to float along /…/" Rolf Nilsén, Lira Musikmagasin