Keltiska Duon (The Celtic Duo)

Keltiska Duon’s repertoire comes from the rich Celtic folk music traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, consisting of fiery jigs and reels as well as the lyrical melodies and melancholy of the ballads. Early Scottish and Irish music - mainly from the 17th century and onwards, and performed in a "folkified" style - also has a natural place in the band's repertoire.

Band members Emil Pernblad and Jonas Liljeström have been active on the Gothenburg music scene since the early 1990’s. They started playing together in the highly successful folk group Celtic Connections under the leadership of the charismatic Irishman Jonathan McCullough, playing with that group from 1990-96. (Incidentally, Celtic Connections is now resurrected; more info about that band can be found elsewhere on this site.)

With Keltiska Duon Jonas and Emil return to the music that first brought them together. Perfectly suited to cafés, pubs, restaurants, libraries, churches and art centres.

Keltiska Duon’s demo can be found here.

Video clips from some of Keltiska Duon's concerts can be found here.

An online concert which was held on June 27 2020 and streamed online on Facebook can be seen here.

Keltiska Duon are:
Jonas Liljeström (fiddle, vocals)
Emil Pernblad (guitar, Irish bouzouki)

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