Krilja Duo

Pain and passion come together in captivating traditional Roma songs from Russia and Eastern Europe!

Krilja Duo is a duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden, which plays traditional Roma music from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The group consists of Marita Johansson (vocals & guitar) and Jonas Liljeström (fiddle & vocals). Marita is a tireless activist for Roma culture who has collected almost forgotten traditional Roma songs and added them to her repertory since the early 90s. She has also studied several different dialects of Romanes in order to do justice to the lyrics. Jonas, too, has more than 30 years experience of playing Roma music in various constellations.

Krilja Duo is a mini version of the larger group Krilja.

Krilja's combined lecture and concert about Roma history, culture and music can be booked with Krilja Duo as well. More info about the combined lecture and concert can be found here.

Krilja Duo's demo can be found here.

A press photo can be downloaded below.