AyAyAy: AyAyAy

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In the 90s, Jonas Liljeström (who is a member of all the groups in Liljans Musik, as well as manager and contact person) performed in a folk rock band called AyAyAy, which was based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band's musical influences came primarily from Eastern European Romani/Gypsy music as well as klezmer, and with its furious energy the band was one of the most popular in its genre in the Gothenburg music scene at the time. AyAyAy dissolved in the late 90s but is fondly remembered by many fans.

AyAyAy's eponymous debut album was released in 1997. It has long been sold out, but now it's time to make it available to the public again. You can download it for free from this site!

The album can be downloaded as a zip file; the music files are in mp3 format. A scanned version of the album cover and booklet are included.