Salamander: Jojnes Trojm - Music from Jewish Traditions & Beyond

Salamander's third album featuring music from various Jewish traditions - from passionate Sephardic folk songs and somber Hasidic spirituals to joyous klezmer tunes! To be released on October 27 2023.

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: Ven Kerida / Pesach A La Mano (track nr 2), Rahelica Baila / Jojnes Trojm (track nr 4), Noches Noches / Nigun Atik (track nr 6), Yo Era Ninya De Kaza Alta (track nr 7), Porke Yorach / Danza Mora (track nr 15), and Ta Kommena Ta Malia / Dansa Mora (track nr 15).

If you want to buy this album, please get in touch by sending an email to The preferred payment method is Paypal, but international bank transfers are also accepted. All orders are sent using Postnord (the standard Swedish postal service provider), and their shipping rates apply.

Track info:
1. Paxarico Tu Te Llamas / Ashorer Hashira
2. Ven Kerida / Pesach A La Mano
3. Tzomo Lecho Nafshi
4. Rahelica Baila / Jojnes Trojm
5. De Fiev Söhns / Alia II
6. Noches Noches / Nigun Atik
7. Yo Era Ninya De Kaza Alta
8. Essen Est Zich / Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym
9. Yosl Ber
10. Sirba 1 & 2
11. Ta Kommena Ta Malia Sou / Peacock's Feather
12. Ronde No. 1 "Pour Quoy" / Vive Henri IV
13. Mipney Ma / Der Yid In Yerushalayim
14. Ya Viene El Cativo
15. Porke Yorach / Danza Mora
16. Fuggi, Fuggi, Fuggi