Krilja: Krilja (Remix/remaster!)

Price: 100 SEK (approx $10) + shipping

Traditional Romani/Gypsy music from Russia and Eastern Europe. The album is a remix/remaster of Krilja's original debut album, issued in 2022.

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: Lumba (track nr 3), Skora Dien (track nr 9), Me Ke Tume (track nr 2), Xabarka (track nr 5), Te Me Pijav (track nr 11) and Magyar Tantz / Na Dvore Moroz / Pašo Veš (track nr 8).

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Track info:
1. Kaj Te Džav
2. Me Ke Tume
3. Lumba
4. Hallgató
5. Xabarka
6. Nevechernyaya
7. Sir Amareste
8. Magyar Tantz / Na Dvore Moroz / Pašo Veš
9. Skora Dien
10. Matyilem
11. Te Me Pijav
12. Progeja
13. Aj Ne Ne
14. E Gili Zoritsi

Excerpt from review:
"If you appreciate top quality vocal and instrumental skills you will enjoy this excursion into the Romany world. Whatever music 'floats your boat' there's lots here to enjoy." Philip Thomas, Fatea Magazine

NOTE: This album is also available as a digital download from Bandcamp. To purchase and download please follow this link.