Salamander Duo

Salamander Duo is a group based in Gothenburg, Sweden which plays music from various Jewish traditions - combined with Early music in a "folkified" style. The feeling of the music is intimate, intense and meditative.

Salamander Duo is a mini version of the group Salamander (more info about that group here).

Some of Salamander Duo's repertory consists of klezmer music, but the group's primary aim is to highlight music from Jewish traditions which are less familiar to the general public than the klezmer tradition. For example, the Sephardic song tradition of the Mediterranean region, which has its roots in the music tradition of the Jews of Medieval Spain - as well as Hasidic religious songs, whose lyrics are often in Hebrew and consist of Bible verses from the Book of Psalms sung with traditional melodies.

The religious element in Salamander Duo's repertory mean that our music is not only suitable for concerts but also for religious music services.

Salamander Duo's members are:
Marita Johansson (vocals, guitar, tambourine, finger cymbals)
Jonas Liljeström (fiddle, vocals, frame drum)