Kerstin Leyman Hofsten, Jonas Liljeström, Emil Pernblad, Stig-Magnus Thorsén: "I Stood By Your Atlantic Sea" (Book + CD)

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Photo book with pictures from Ireland, with photos by Stig-Magnus Thorsén and texts (in Swedish) by Kerstin Leyman Hofsten. A CD is supplemented, containing traditional Irish folk music - as well as some Scottish and American folk music. The music is performed by Kerstin Leyman Hofsten (vocals), Jonas Liljeström (fiddle) and Emil Pernblad (guitar).

Use the player above to hear music examples! The excerpts are taken from the following tracks: A Red, Red Rose (track nr 1), Mary and the Soldier (track nr 2), MacPherson's Rant / Ballydesmond Polkas 2 & 3 (track nr 3), What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier? (track nr 6), The lakes of Pontchartrain (track nr 8), and Midnight on the Water / Home With the Girls in the Morning (track nr 9).

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Track info:
1. A Red, Red Rose
2. Mary and the Soldier
3. MacPherson's Rant / Ballydesmond Polkas 2 & 3
4. The Ballad of James Larkin
5. The Foggy Dew
6. What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier?
7. The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
8. The lakes of Pontchartrain
9. Midnight on the Water / Home With the Girls in the Morning
10. The Island