Kerstin Leyman Hofsten, Jonas Liljeström, Emil Pernblad, Stig-Magnus Thorsén: "I Stood By Your Atlantic Sea" (Book + CD)

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Photo book with pictures from Ireland, with photos by Stig-Magnus Thorsén and texts (in Swedish) by Kerstin Leyman Hofsten. A CD is supplemented, containing traditional Irish folk music - as well as some Scottish and American folk music. The music is performed by Kerstin Leyman Hofsten (vocals), Jonas Liljeström (fiddle) and Emil Pernblad (guitar).

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Track info:
1. A Red, Red Rose
2. Mary and the Soldier
3. Macphersons Rant / Ballydesmond Polkas 2 & 3
4. The Ballad of James Larkin
5. The Foggy Dew
6. What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier?
7. The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
8. The Lakes of Pontchartrain
9. Midnight on the Water / Home With the Girls in the Morning
10. The Island