Krilja: Krilja

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Romani folk music (aka Gypsy folk music) from Russia and Eastern Europe. Released in 2015.

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Track info:
1. Kaj Te Djav
2. Me Ke Tume
3. Lumba
4. Hallgató
5. Xabarka
6. Nevechernyaya
7. Sir Amareste
8. Magyar Tantz/Na Dvore Moroz/Paso Ves
9. Skora Dien
10. Matyilem
11. Te Me Pijav
12. Progeja
13. Aj Ne Ne
14. E Gili Zoritsi

Excerpts from reviews:
"/.../ Lovely variation /.../ here there is both quiet intensity and grand gestures, just as it should be in this style of music. /.../" Norran 2015-09-10
"/.../ Marita Johansson's powerful voice contributes very much to bringing forth the passion as well as the melancholy, sorrow and pain in these songs. The variation in expression and mood is great, but the overall impression is genuine /.../" Ulf Gustavsson, Upsala Nya Tidning 2015-07-08